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"In any place you'll allow, I want you now, I want you now..."

This silly little drabble is for all my poor little kitties, wolves, llamas, and even human beings who have been sad or stressed out lately, including calintz, wenlet, kitarin, unedited, mullenkamp, surlykitty, and llamabitchyo, with apologies to anyone I missed. I love all of you and that is why I write pointless WAFF that goes nowhere, just for you! ^_^

If you guys want to blame anyone for this, blame calintz for sending me the damned song. I WILL HAVE REVENGE. (Anyone who'd like to hear the song can snag it here. Enjoy.)



It's never very hard stayin' true
When I'm stayin' true to you
And your kisses are all I think about
The proof is in your moves and your grooves
And the little things you do
And the silly things you laugh about...

            -- "Striptease," Hawksley Workman

On the second story of a dilapidated rooming house, in the one-room apartment that the Get Backers called home (just for now, until they became filthy rich), a serious discussion had started between the two young recoverers.

"... But Ban-chan... you've seen me naked lots of times," Ginji said, puzzled. "Why do you want to watch me take my clothes off?"

"Not just taking them off, you've gotta take them off in a sexy way," Ban clarified, leaning back into the sofa cushions. He grinned and stretched his arms wide over the back. "It's called a 'striptease,' Ginji. The idea is that you're supposed to make me want to fuck you."

Ginji frowned. "You mean you don't want to anyway?"

"That's not what I meant," Ban said hastily. "I just... I just thought it'd be fun. Just once. Um. Please?"

Ginji looked at his partner for a moment longer, then shook his head with a bemused smile. "Well, I don't really see the point, but okay, Ban-chan..."

Ban waited. Ginji scratched his head.

"Uh... so... how do I start?"

"Wait, hold on, we're missing something," Ban replied thoughtfully


"Music, you're supposed to strip to music." Ban pointed at a scavenged radio sitting on the counter of the small kitchen area across the room. "Can you make that work?"

Ginji glanced over at it. "Sure, I was looking at it yesterday, it just needed some wiring repaired..." He walked over to it and took the power cord in his hand, then turned it on and spun the dials until pop rock was coming out of the tinny speakers with only a faint crackle in the audio. "How's this, Ban-chan?"

"It's fine. Can you keep it going while you strip?"

Ginji thought about it. "Well, I'm making the lights work," he explained, finally, pointing at the large round light set in the middle of the ceiling. "That's not so hard because the wiring's all around me anyhow... but something like the radio, it'd be a lot harder to power it without touching it. Ah, I know..."

Ban watched while Ginji set the radio on the floor next to him, then looped the long cord around his ankle once and tied it in a loose knot.

"All right, that should be more or less okay," Ginji said. "I'll have to move it when I take my shorts off, I guess. Uh..." He gave Ban a slightly pained look. "You... you still want me to do this?"

Ban nodded, and Ginji sighed. "Okay... so... I just have to take off my clothes and you'll be happy?"

"Do you know how to dance?" Ban caught the expression on his friend's face and backpedaled quickly. "Er, I only ask out of curiosity. Never mind. Remember, you're supposed to do it in a sexy way, though, that's the whole point."

"... A sexy way?" Ginji rubbed his forehead. "Um... okay. I'll try."

Ban settled back, leering at his friend in what he felt was a motivational manner, and Ginji bent over and started untying his shoe. Ban, who'd been expecting something a bit more risqué, stared at his friend wordlessly for a moment before leaning forward.

"Hey, er, Ginji?"

Ginji looked up. "Hm?"

"Weren't you gonna do that in a sexy way?" Ban smiled lazily.

"What, take off my shoes?"


Ginji gave Ban a look of disbelief, then sighed and bent over again to untie them, this time trailing his fingers slowly along the laces as he undid them. Ban watched with interest as Ginji took off his first shoe and tossed it onto the tiled area by the door, then took off the other one. Ginji glanced up at Ban, and then rubbed the shoe against his face lovingly before throwing it over to join its brother. Ban hid a grin.

Ginji balanced on one foot and then the other to remove his socks, wobbling a few times and nearly losing his balance once, but he attempted to peel the socks off in a languorous fashion, wiggling them around in front of his face like a used condom before dropping them on the floor. Ban had to struggle to hide his smile. Obviously his friend wasn't all that clear on what doing something in a "sexy way" entailed... but at least he was trying.

Ginji then slowly removed his vest, with several coy looks which Ban had to admit were rather appealing, according to his nether regions. Then Ginji pulled off his loose white t-shirt, his body turned to the side, eyes closed and face tipped up towards the light... Looking at his partner's profile, Ban's eyes were drawn to the curve of Ginji's back, tanned skin with a few freckles moving over Ginji's shoulderblades, the lean muscles on Ginji's chest and stomach... Ban swallowed, unconsciously leaning forward in his seat.

Of course all this was ruined when Ginji, after holding the shirt uncertainly for a few moments, turned his back on Ban and looked at his friend seductively over his shoulder while he pulled the shirt back and forth over his shoulderblades like he was toweling himself off at the beach.

Ban couldn't contain his grin at this. He attempted to swallow the accompanying snort of laughter and choked himself, hands clutching at his chest as he suddenly doubled over spasming, hacking and coughing, trying to breathe again.

Ginji swung around hastily, eyes wide with alarm, and promptly tripped himself on the radio cord tied around his ankle. He'd unbuttoned his baggy shorts at some point, and being loose anyway, they slid halfway down his legs when he thudded ungracefully flat on the carpet in front of Ban, who only started coughing harder, helplessly trying to laugh at the same time.

Ginji tried to sit up and immediately fell over again, his legs hopelessly tangled in his shorts and the radio cord. Ban cleared whatever was blocking his windpipe with a great barking laugh and fell off the sofa, laughing so hard he started to cry.

Ginji managed to untangle his legs, removing his shorts and untying the radio cord. He stood up, now clad only in his boxers, and gave Ban an annoyed look, his face flaming red. He dropped the radio cord and the music suddenly stopped; the ceiling light went out at the same time.

Ban gave a last few gasping chuckles and cleared his throat, wiping his eyes as he looked around the dark room. Ginji had gone over by the one large window and was standing there with his arms crossed, looking out through the slats in the venetian blinds, moonlight gilding his torso with narrow bars of silver.

Ban walked over and slung his arms over Ginji's shoulders, letting his hands dangle loosely in front of Ginji's chest. His partner didn't move.


"I know I'm not good at it, but you didn't have to laugh at me, Ban-chan..."

"It wasn't--"

"I only did it to make you happy..."

Ban sighed and rested his forehead against the back of Ginji's head, closing his eyes against the soft golden tufts of Ginji's hair. He let his arms slide down Ginji's bare shoulders and wrapped them around his friend, trapping Ginji's limbs against his ribcage, and hugged Ginji tightly.

"I am happy, dumbass. I mean, okay, so I laughed, but... I didn't mean to make you feel bad. It doesn't matter if you're good at it -- it made me feel really... um..." Ban knocked his forehead gently against the back of Ginji's head. "I mean, that you would do that for me, even though you were embarrassed and stuff... it made me feel like you, er... uh... look, you make me happy, and I really appreciate it, okay?"

Ginji turned around in Ban's arms to face him, and Ban was relieved to see his partner smiling.

"I'm glad to hear it, Ban-chan." Ginji put his arms around Ban's waist, returning the embrace, and leaned in, brushing his lips against Ban's cheek before resting his chin on Ban's shoulder. They stood like that for a few silent moments, and then Ginji laughed. "I love you too."

Ban shook his head, his face suddenly warm in the darkness. "I... well, you know. There's nobody else like you... er... I mean, nobody's sexier than you to me, even if you can't dance." He ground his crotch suggestively against his friend's and pulled Ginji tighter against him. "How about you finish getting naked, and I show you how much I appreciate you?"

Ginji pulled back and grinned at Ban, teeth flashing briefly in the darkness. "It sounds good, but... You've still got all your clothes on, Ban-chan..." He twisted out of Ban's grip and walked over to the sofa, where he sat down, cross-legged on the cushions.

Ban followed him. "You could help me take them off," he suggested, putting one hand against the wall and leaning down to kiss Ginji. Ginji hooked one hand into the front of Ban's pants, pulling Ban closer, and tipped his face up towards Ban's obligingly, but he pulled away after a moment. Ban blinked in confusion.

The lights suddenly came back on, and so did the music. Ban looked down to see Ginji holding the radio cord in his free hand.

Ginji smiled up at him sunnily.

"Ban-chan... would you strip for me?"

I called, you came
I called, you came
It seems to be our only way
I'll be dreamin' of the kissin' that I'm missin'
Truly wishin' that you listen
When I sweetly ask you to
Striptease for me, baby...



I know it was sort of pointlessly fluffy and WAFFy, but I hope it cheered you guys up. Hang in there! Your puppy loves you. ^_^

Later. "You know I'd never make you sad, I want you bad, I want you bad..."
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